StarDict Editor (Shareware)

StarDict Editor is a dictionary utility with an international scope. It is a cross-platform program equipped with powerful features. Among its numerous functions is full-text translation, which is possible in one click. The program utilizes online translation engines to provide the user satisfactory translations of texts. This is a free application that may be used by anyone who requires translation services. This is a tool that is easy to operate. For example, the user can take advantage of the “scan” option and produce a quick translation by capturing the words using the computer mouse.

StarDict Editor has the following main features: Scan selection word, Glob-style pattern matching, Net Dict, and Fuzzy Query. The Net Dict functionality makes it unnecessary for people who have 24/7 Internet connectivity to download a full dictionary application. This function offers a convenient means of accessing translation services.

With this application, dictionary words are given accurate and relevant translations in the desired foreign language in no time. This program is a handy tool for students, teachers, writers, proofreaders, researchers, and other people who regularly deal with the written word. Nonetheless, the developers of StarDict Editor recommend alternative to this utility as it has not been developed or upgraded in years. The alternatives provided are Babiloo, Dicto (Windows only), GoldenDict, LightLang (Linux only), and Lingoes (Windows only).