Blizzard Entertainment (Shareware)

StarCraft is a real-time strategy game that was initially released in 1998. The game is set in Koprulu Sector, a part of the Milky Way galaxy. There are three types of species fighting each other in order to dominate Koprulu Sector:

Protoss – humanoids with advanced technology
Terran – skilled humans who were exiled from Earth
Zerg – race of insect aliens

Each of these groups has unique abilities, but their powers all balance out. Players can choose from four difficulty level – easy, medium, hard, and insane. However, they are not all available in single player campaigns. Changing the difficulty level can be done with the level editor that comes with the game.

The player gets the chance to control three different characters, one for each episode of the game. The player is given briefings for a mission that they must complete in order to move on to the next episode. Players get the chance to command the three races. The storyline is also exposed through the briefs before starting each mission.

StarCraft can also be played in multiplayer mode through Up to eight players at a time can compete in different game modes, such as ladder play, capture the flag games, and king of the hill.