AMSI (Proprietary)

StarBuilder is a comprehensive financial control application that is designed for use in the construction industry. It enables construction project managers to do construction accounting easily and efficiently by providing the real-time information necessary about labor and material costs, cash position, job contracts, and even the performance of subcontractors, among others. With this application, construction companies will be able to generate financial reports, easily access company data, view project information in graphical form, gain tight control over cash flow, print payroll reports, and improve overall productivity with existing resources. This program is also a valuable tool for project management because of its features that allow users to track labor productivity, manage subcontract relationships, and analyze unit costs.

StarBuilder’s comprehensive features allow users to integrate and separate estimating, project management, and construction accounting functions. This program consists of several modules, including Job Cost, Progress Billings, Purchase orders, Financial Analyzer, Time and Material Billings, Prime Contracts, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory, among other functions. Financial statements made with this application can be customized to satisfy business requirements. Aside from these features, this application can also interface with document imaging programs. Users can store digital images in their computer directly, have the documents approved by the concerned project officers, and then enter the invoices into the program.