Star Wolves

X-Bow Software (Shareware)

Star Wolves is the creation of X-Bow Software from Russia and was first published in 2004. This is a real-time 3D video game with futuristic elements. Star Wolves game play involves heavy strategy, real-time tactics and role-playing.

Star Wolves features an original RPG system, real-time battles with advanced visual rendering, a variety of mission types, non-linear story line with secondary missions (over 40) and a wide array of missiles and energy weapons to choose from. There are eight game characters available.

Star Wolves is a space RPG set in a future time (XXI-XXII Century A.D.) when humankind maintains an interstellar Empire. The player has to form a band of mercenaries to fight against threats such as alien invasion and controlling mega-corporations. The pervading political crisis that assail the powerful Empire mankind has built to dominate outer space complicates the missions of these freelance fighters. Other threats that need to be neutralized are Empire patrol ships, AI computer rebels, and space pirates.

All players in Star Wolves start as a bounty hunter with a run-down space fighter. During the course of the game, the player’s battle skills and piloting maneuvers advance. The player can gain opportunities to own more advanced spacecraft. Each player can form a band of a maximum of six bounty hunters with varied abilities. Tactics play a crucial role in the success of the band of mercenaries although fire power goes a long way.