Star Wars: Galactic BattleGround

LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC (Proprietary)

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is a real-time computer video game that is based on the Star Wars franchise. There are six factions in the game. Each one has its own advantage, disadvantage, units, and technology. Each faction has a story campaign (One faction, the Wookiees, has two). The game was developed using an engine that was used in another game, Age of Empires. The game begins with the player choosing one faction. At the start of each game, the player only has the faction's command center and some workers. The player soon accumulates resources. These resources will be used for creating units and building structures. The player also has to research faction-specific technologies. With research, the player can advance technology so that more powerful units can be unlocked and buildings be upgraded.

Star Wars: Galactic BattleGrounds has a number of different campaigns. The "tutorial" campaign is where the player can learn the game's mechanics. It also places the player in the shoes of Attichitchuk, the father of Chewbacca. The "Trade Federation" campaign is where a player takes control of OOM-9, a droid leader. This leader leads the Trade Federation during their campaign with Naboo. In the "Gungans" campaign, the player tries to unify the warring Gungan tribes. In the "Galactic Empire" campaign, the player has to subdue the rebel alliance's bases. The "Rebel Alliance" campaign features the events that happen in the movies, "A New Hope", and "The Empire Strikes Back". The "Wookiee" campaign is all about Chewbacca's endeavor to free the Kashyyyk from the Empire.