Star Wars: Empire at War

Lucasfilm Entertainment Company, Ltd. (Shareware)

Star Wars: Empire at War is a real-time strategy video game first released in 2006. The story focuses on the events that take place between Episode II and Episode IV of Star Wars. The game has a different style when it comes to resources and buildings. Instead of gathering resources, players are given the resources based on the number of planets that the player controls. The type of resources depends on the planet controlled. The more planets the player has, the more cash and bonuses are received.

There are three game modes available in the game – Galactic Conquest, Storyline Mode, and Skirmish.

• Storyline Campaign – In this game mode, players must complete missions to that will eventually lead them to The Battle of Yavin.
• Galactic Conquest – This is a sandbox campaign where the player commands the Rebel Alliance. There are at least three main objectives for the player to do for each faction in this game mode.
• Skirmish – Skirmish game mode has two types – land or space. This is the classic game mode where players must get resources, research upgrades, and defeat enemies.

All these game modes are played in real-time. However, players can fast-forward time when playing against the computer.