Star Trek Legacy

Mad Doc Software (Proprietary)

Star Trek: Legacy was released in 2006 by Rockstar New England (formerly known as Mad Doc Software). The storyline of the game spans various eras within the popular Star Trek franchise, all the way from the classic Captain-Kirk-helmed Star Trek all the way to Star Trek: the Next Generation. This RTS or Real-Time Strategy space combat game has the player control a fleet of starships from different eras in Star Trek lore. The 3D game comprises battles versus other starships, with the player working with anywhere from one to four ships at a time.

The player can control the yaw, pitch, and forward movement of each ship. Ships also have the ability to “warp,” allowing rapid mobility across the playing field or map. The player can also repair ships and utilize their weapons, as well as switch from one ship to another in a squadron. The player may also switch from a top-down 2D view to 3D and vice versa within each battle. The player earns points after successful completion of each mission, and can purchase more powerful ships prior to the next level with these accumulated points. The storymode campaign has the player control Starfleet spaceships, while the skirmish mode allows the player access to Klingon, Borg, and Romulan starships.