Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Totally Games (Proprietary)

Star Trek: Bridge Commander is a video game whose setting is in space and is based on the Star Trek franchise. The player will be the captain of a starship that will study and probe into the explosion of a star. The player is tasked to control starships. This is to prevent an incoming conflict with the Federation. The video game has two modes of gameplay. In storyline mode, the player is presented with a linear story. The player must progress in the game to advance in the game. In quick battle, the player can modify scenarios, pick their allies, and play in a simulated environment. It is also possible to take control of any starship that the player has confronted in the game.

In Star Trek: Bridge Commander, the player leads the starship by using a 3D bridge. Most operations are done by choosing an officer. The officer can be managed as to what his responsibilities are in the starship. This simulates being the commander of the ship. There is also the choice to change to an outside tactical view during battles. The game has more than eight episodes with about thirty missions to play.

Along the game’s storyline, the player comes across notable Star Trek characters.