Star Stable 2

Star Stable Entertainment AB (Freeware)

Star Stable is an online game designed for those with a love for horses. It is categorized as a massively multiplayer online role playing game or MMORPG, which enables thousands of horse lovers to play, chat, and interact with each other at the same time online. Players can also participate in numerous challenges offered by the online game.

The game begins with players creating their own characters or avatars and customizing how they want their horses to look. There are numerous customizations available for both human avatars and their horses, ranging from hair color, clothing, and accessories. Players can also name their horses. The avatars and their horses will be partners throughout the game, and they will get to meet other human-horse pairs in the Star Stable game world, called Jorvik.

Beginners are given a short tutorial about the game environment, such as the controls and how to play, after which they can begin their adventure in the island of Jorvik. Players go on missions to prevent a mining company from exploiting Jorvik’s resources and ultimately damaging the environment where the horses thrive. With every successful mission, players gain wealth and experience that will increase the players’ reputation in Jorvik. By building up their reputation, players will be able to buy better equipment and accessories for their avatar and horse.