Star Stable 1


Star Stable is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that allows users to take care of horses and play games in an online 3D environment. At the start of the game, players must create their character and horse to use. There is a variety of styles and colors to choose from when creating horses and characters. In the Star Stable world, players can race against other players around the globe and win prizes. Aside from races, there are also other activities and missions that can be done in order to improve the horse’s reputation. Increasing the horse’s reputation will unlock more pieces of clothing, tools, and equipment for the horse. The game is constantly updated, so users will not run out of activities to do. Star Stable is also made up of different worlds including Valedale, Fort Pinta, and Moorland. Other key features of the Star Stable game are the following:

• Players can chat with other Star Stable players around the world
• Users have access to scoreboards and compare their scores against other players in more than 20 races available in the game
• Hundreds of quests to solve alone or with friends
• Allows players to teach their horses different tricks
• Get free Star Coins weekly