Star Shooter

Jay Wolf (Proprietary)

Star Shooter is a basketball shooting program that serves as a training aid for basketball players who want to level up their game. This utility is intended by its creators to improve shooting accuracy of the players in a virtual court. Basketball is one of the most popular team sports in the world. This utility is designed to provide shooters of all ages at various levels of skill a way to hone their skills.

Star Shooter has the following main features:
• Contains Jay’s Shooting Strap training aid
• Contains Jay’s Star Shooter method
• Presented as a 3D tool that runs on Windows systems

This program is designed to provide the user with a means to practice shooting in a virtual environment. The package is composed of two DVDs that have very different content. There are a number of modifiable parameters that the user can adjust to fit his or her preferences. Aspiring basketball superstars can manipulate the settings such that the audio, resolution, video quality, and special effects fit their taste. The game is easy to play.

Star Shooter gives users of the program more than just a practice environment to improve their shooting accuracy. This utility also has the capability to diagnose misses and remedy basketball-related issues.