Star Drone

Orb Games Limited (Proprietary)

Based on the hugely popular flash game of the same name, Star Drone is science-fiction game with arcade-style gameplay. It is available for PC, PS Vita, and PS3. It is a fast-paced 2D game with brightly colored visuals and pinball-esque physics. The game employs a simple but unique one-button control scheme. The PC version only employs the mouse as its primary user input. The game is simple and easy to learn but one is quick to find out that mastery of the game is a different story.

The game is set “in the middle of nowhere.” Players knock enemies out of flight and collect as many of the various power-ups and perks that are available to them. There are 50 levels of pure, fast-paced action to play through. The game’s visuals are two-dimensional but with the game employing an arcade pinball style layout, this works best for the game. The gameplay is enhanced by an immersive musical score and sound effects. Players navigate through maps lined with traps, explosives, bonus points and other objects as they try to down enemies. Star Drone is set to keep players on their seats with hours of gameplay coupled with a unique control system.