Star Defender 4

AWEM Studio (Shareware)

In the old-school tradition of Space Invaders and Galaga, AWEM Studios developed an arcade game, Star Defenders that users can play on their modern-day PCs and mobile devices.  The game lets players take on the role of a space pilot who is out to defend the native galaxy against the hordes of alien insects out to overcome all humanity.

This space shooter game features over a hundred missions in a fast-paced fight for victory, with eight original large missions that conclude with a face-to-face duel against one of the Insectus big bosses.  Players are consistently kept on their toes as they face wave upon wave of enemies that display behaviors and fighting techniques quite unique from each other, with scenes made more exciting with the game’s impressive graphics and music.

AWEM Studio’s Star Defender gives players a wide range of weapons on their arsenal, including flamethrowers, machine guns, acid bombs, parasitrons, infectors, and more.  Moving up each game level rewards a player with more life and more advanced weaponry, as well as certain bonuses, such as immortality, missile strike, and time-freeze.

On a PC, the left mouse button controls the primary weapon, which is equipped with unlimited ammunition, while the control button on the keyboard (CTRL) sets off the secondary weapon with limited ammo.  The game is generally uncomplicated and offers hours of exciting game play.