Star Defender 2 1.25

MyPlayCity, Inc. (Shareware)

Star Defender 2 is an action shoot ‘em up video game developed and distributed by MyPlayCity, Inc. The game’s back-story revolves around the fight for survival of the remaining human survivors after the Earth was destroyed. Few lucky pilots decided to leave the solar system and head to Cynosure, a planet that was once saved by humans. Now, it’s the humans seeking them for help. The game features nine missions (over a hundred levels) with boss battles at the end of every mission. The player cannot move on to the next mission unless the previous mission is complete.

In the game, the player controls a spaceship travelling through space with endless other ships trying to prevent the player from passing through. The player’s ship is armed with weapons that can be used to battle against the waves of aliens trying to eradicate the entire human race. As enemies are destroyed, power-ups are thrown into the screen that offers weapon upgrades and bonuses. Some of these power-ups include 10 missiles for secondary weapons, power-ups, 20 homing missiles, power-downs, extra lives, time-freezes, shields, and more. The game features 30 different enemy units and 17 bonuses. There are also four different levels of difficulty. As the player completes each level, it becomes more difficult to destroy the enemies.