Lexycle (Proprietary)

Stanza is a free digital reader developed by Lexycle. The program is capable of reading digital newspapers, e-books, and other digital materials. It offers support to various e-book formats including MS LIT, EPUB, eReader, Mobipocket, Amazon Kindle, and more. Common document formats such as PDF, HTML, Rich Text, and MS Word formats are also supported. Aside from this, the program also offers an open API, which enables developers to create support for other document formats.

Stanza offers different text layout views. These include vertical scrolling, multicolumn, and even horizontal scrolling. The single-column layout allows users to automatically scroll vertically throughout the page. The multi-column layout offers a view of a publication similar to those found in novels or newspapers. The program also has a full-screen mode. It also offers export functions to various formats, which can be used to transfer files from the program to handheld devices.

The program offers various options for configuring how it displays a digital publication. For instance, users can change the font size of the text to either enlarge or reduce its size. It is also capable of text columnation as well as hyphenation. Automatic text scrolling is also featured, which allows users to read a document without having to scroll it manually.