Standard User Analyzer Wizard


Standard User Analyzer Wizard is a program that enables users to evaluate the organization’s installed applications for User Account Control (UAC) issues. Standard User Analyzer Wizard is part of the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit that is used in testing various applications as well as to monitor API calls in order to detect issues brought by the User Account Control feature in Windows. This program provides users with a systematic process for analyzing an application and suggesting changes to enable that application to run as a non-administrative user. Windows User Account Control is a feature introduced in Windows 7 systems that restricts the access of certain programs to computer administrators only. Attempts to access these programs by a non-administrator user will result to errors, failed startups, or even crashes. Standard User Analyzer Wizard enables users to override UAC restrictions and access the programs without encountering problems.

Standard User Analyzer Wizard checks a program for compatibility issues in three steps. The first window allows users to browse for the target application, set the parameters, and then launch the application. After attempting to run the application, Standard User Analyzer Wizard will ask the user if the application ran without encountering any problem. If the user clicks “Yes”, the program would bring its users to a page where they can choose the mitigations for the application and then apply the changes.