Standard User Analyzer

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

The Standard User Analyzer is a compatibility program for computers that use Windows operating systems. It tests system applications and checks API or Application Programming Interface signals to see if there are any potential issues in terms of compatibility with the system—issues that may stem from Windows’ User Account Control or UAC.

Prospective concerns with the compatibility of applications and the systems may come from the UAC requiring that all users of a system be treated as Standard Users until certain changes brought about by the security prompt are activated. Some applications may not operate as expected because of the implications of the Standard User structure. Here, programs may need privileges and access to activate; access that may not be available to standard users.

The Standard User Analyzer uses the usual Windows display scheme with tabs and input bars along with the File, View, Options, and Help features. Tasks are accomplished with the menu bar. These tasks involve and display information about log files, noise filters, information views, and mitigation. Tabs include App Info, File, Registry, INI, and Token. Privilege, Name Space, Other Objects, and Process tabs are also present. For novice users, the integrated wizard allows guidance in addressing any issues related to the operation of the UAC.