StandaloneStack 2.0.7

Christian Salmon (Freeware)

StandaloneStack is a desktop stacking program that provides users with an easy access panel for their frequently used icons. This program provides similar features to docking applications by allowing users to pin any desktop or program icon in a specific area in the desktop. Users may pin icons for games, programs, files, as well as folders hidden within the computer’s hard drive. StandaloneStack allows users to access icons quickly without the need to browse through a lot of menus and directories. This program also provides options where users may customize the appearance and functions of the program. Users may customize icons, select font styles, and show hidden files and folders. StandaloneStack also allows users to create an unlimited number of stacks. Users may select between stacks needed for a particular activity and then choose to display it in a selected area near the taskbar.

StandaloneStack allows users to customize three settings: General Options, Fan Settings, and Grid Settings. The General Options panel contains controls used to animate icons, set the video preview time, enable custom icons, manage memory use, clicking options, and show hidden files. The Fan and Grid Settings allows users to set the physical attributes of their stack, such as width, height, appearance, color theme, etc. The main settings menu also shows the different stacks created by the user.