Stamp ID3 Tag Editor 2.38

NCH Software (Shareware)

The Stamp ID3 Tag Editor allows the user to edit audio files by modifying or adding the ID3 tags of Waveform Audio File Format and MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III tracks. Its user interface is based on the layout of Windows Explorer. As such, the program gives users the ability to edit metadata in bulk by dragging multiple files into the application window.

The graphical interface displays a list of audio files with columns that show titles, artist, and track length. The user has to add the songs to the list, which can be done by dragging the files into the application window. Metadata such as title, album, artist, genre, category and track number, may then be replaced within the window. An integrated format converter normalizes track volume before the user adds metadata.

Some of Stamp ID3 Tag Editor’s features include:

• Support for multiple file editing
• Ability to play files before modifying their metadata
• Tag information like title, album, artist, year, genre, and track number can be edited
• Users can add comments to their files
• A built-in media player to play audio files

The Stamp ID3 Tag Editor includes offline support documentation for beginners. The software uses up minimal system resources.