Stamina 2.5

StaminaSoft (Freeware)

Stamina 2.5 is a typing tutor that helps users to improve their typing skills. The application supports several keyboard layouts including QWERTY, AZERTY, Dvorak, and more. Aside from teaching users the traditional finger position, Stamina also offers an alternative position to relieve the stress on fingers. The application can be used by those who are still learning the basics of touch-typing and by advanced users who want to improve their typing skills further.

The lessons included in the program are designed for mastering the keyboard layout. Users can also choose to enter text from an external file to use with the application. Users can choose to display a virtual keyboard that shows the position of the letters. The virtual keyboard can be hidden, too. There are several lessons included in the program starting from the basic keystrokes (basic, combinations, digits and symbols, and special lessons. Users can choose the type of lesson to take from the program’s menu.

After the lessons, users are given an examination to see how their typing has progressed. The result of the examination shows the time it took to finish the test, the number of letters typed, the speed in character per minute, and the percentage of errors.