StackBuilder is a small program developed to serve as a simple palletization software used for homogenous case stacking. This program is used to simulate a warehouse storage or shipping environment using customizable pallets and cardboard boxes. StackBuilder enables users to determine the proper stacking of cardboard boxes of varying sizes and dimensions in order for it to be efficiently stored or transported by a forklift with a wooden pallet. A pallet is a flat structure that is used to support goods while being transported using a forklift, pallet jack or other similar contraption. This program is designed to be used by cardboard packaging designers. StackBuilder is developed using the C#2 2.0 programming language and requires .NET Framework

StackBuilder enables users to solve three kinds of problems. First kind is the Palletization problem where users need to find the best layout to stack the case while given a pallet and a case. The next problem type is a Case Filing problem where users are given a set of cases, which they need to find the best case and the best way to fill it. Another problem type is the Optimal Case Search problem where users need to find the optimal case layout and dimensions given a box, a number of boxes per case, and a pallet type.
StackBuilder also provides various commands that enable users to solve the program’s problems. These include: create a new box, create new interlayer, create new bundle, create new pallet, insert new truck, and create new analysis. StackBuilder provides a 3D display of boxes, pallets, and cases where users can view the dimensions of each item.