sTabLauncher 2.2.3

Sergio Santos (Freeware)

sTabLauncher is a desktop toolbar that enables users to have their most frequently used applications and programs within easy access. This keeps the desktop clutter-free and makes computing more efficient.  sTabLauncher is developed by Sergio Santos and released on January 2007.

sTabLauncher features a simple tabbed user interface. It is fully customizable by the user as to the number of tabs and icons that may be placed on the toolbar. This software allows users to create several tabs that may correspond to Music, Productivity apps, or Games, among others. Within each tab, users may place unlimited number of applications represented by icons. Icons are also fully customizable as to design. Users may also add not just applications but even files and folders to the sTabLauncher for easy launching. Users may also customize the foreground and background colors of the sTabLauncher.  Users can also set the transparency of the foreground and background colors, as well as the icon transparency.  sTabLauncher also features Drag and Drop functionality when adding programs to the tab. However, users may also add programs by right clicking anywhere on the toolbar. Options for adding New Item, or New Separators are also available after Right click. Users may also lock the Icons, Tabs, and Form in the Right click options. The Options link enables the user to adjust the size and position of the sTabLauncher on the desktop. Users may also exit the program on the same right click menu.