ST Thumbnails Explorer 1.5

Softfields Technologies (Shareware)

ST Thumbnails Explorer stands out as a utility that has the capability to support multiple-page files. This program is a file manager and thumbnails viewer that works quickly and efficiently. It is a handy tool for frequent computer users since it is designed to display all the pages of the selected files in the thumbnails browser window. Users of this program can benefit from the easy installation and versatile applications of the program in corporate computer networks.

It also supports multi-page PRN, PDF, DCX, GIF, TIFF, ICO and others. Display of thumbnails function is supported in ten additional programs, such as for example EPI, EPSI, MAX, and PPT. ST Thumbnails Explorer is designed to integrate fully with Windows operating system shell and shell extensions. File information is also presented and the details are designed to pop up when the mouse is placed over the thumbnail. The information provided includes file version, keywords, file fonts, notes, overprint information, and linked files, among others.

Some of the functions available with the program are thumbnails mirroring, rotation, interactive thumbnails scaling, as well as drag and drop function. This program can utilize MODI or Microsoft Office 2003+ Document Imaging if the utility is already installed for the purpose of transparent optical character recognition.