Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

SSMAforMySql is also known as Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for MySQL. SSMA is a console application which functions mainly to enable script-level interfacing, reduce the migration cycle, and scale the migration effort. It is intended to convert schemas from MySQL database to the following:

• SQL Server 2008 R2
• SQL Server 2008
• SQL Azure schemas

With SSMAforMySql users can upload the schemas and use a single effective tool to migrate the data. This is a free tool. However, a registration key must be downloaded to serve as a Microsoft Live ID. The registration process is facilitated by a dialog box. This box is activated when the SSMA program is launched. After filling out a few personal details on the MySQL License Registration Web page, the program is all set.

The user interface of SSMAforMySql is easy to be familiar with. It contains toolbars, the output pane, metadata, error list pane, and metadata explorers at is easy to understand and navigate through.

SSMAforMySql can also be used to secure passwords and import or export it to other computers running on Windows. It can also generate reports including error reports. These may be used for viewing assessments, data conversion, and data migration. This program is a product of Microsoft Corporation.