SRWare Iron 26.0.1450.0

SRWare (Freeware)

SRWare Iron, also called Iron, is an open-source and free web browser based on Google’s Chromium source code, without privacy-compromising and usage tracking facilities. It is well-fitted for users who do not want their online habits recorded and abhor advertising and similar content being recommended and prompted to them based on their internet history results. An extension system, a user agent switcher and a built-in ad blocking feature further distinguish it from Google Chrome.  

If a user has the application installed, the computer will only run it even if a user attempts to access Chromium, and all data such as History, and Bookmarks are imported from the latter.  Iron is a high speed browser that allows themes, extensions and developer tools.  One can tweak the browser’s view as well as Quick Access links.  Search engines can be managed and application shortcuts can be created.  The application’s start page displays a Web and Image searching facility.  Its Quick Access section allows users to rate their homepages, upload pictures or view information regarding their IP address. User data is contained in the application’s program folder after the program is uninstalled which allow for users to remove such data in a secure manner.