SRS Premium Sound

SRS Labs, Inc. (Proprietary)

SRS Premium Sound is the companion software to SRS Labs’ SRS Premium SoundTM technology. SRS Premium SoundTM is the technology utilized in computer systems that aims to deliver superior audio experience to users whether they are listening using notebook speakers or headphones.

SRS Premium Sound features a black and blue graphical user interface. On the left panel are options for Speakers and Headphones, Independent Headphones, and Digital Output device. Under Speakers and Headphones, there are four choices—Settings, Setup, Equalization and SRS Premium. On the top panel are 3 tabs namely, Playback, Recording, and Preferences.

SRS Premium Sound Playback tab enables users to customize their listening experience. Users may choose the type of content they will be listening to, be it Music, Movie, or Dialogue. There are presets available like Chill, Lounge, Pop or Rock, however, the default is set to SRS Premium. Users may even choose the speaker size—Small, Medium, or Large. Users may also customize the percentage of different SRS Premium elements—SRS TruBass, SRS Definition, SRS Center, SRS Space, and SRS Focus. For Volume, SRS Premium Sound allows user to control specific volume whether it be laptop speakers, headphones or monitor sound bar. There is also a Master volume control that controls the volume of all the others. On the right panel, jacks like Microphone, Headphone and HDMI can be checked as to their availability.