Squeak 4.4 (Shareware)

Squeak is a portable, open source implementation of the Smalltalk program. It has numerous features that can be fully implemented in projects, such as multimedia applications, web applications for commercial uses, and educational platforms. This program is best used for changing, analyzing, and debugging. For additional information about the program, users can further explore documentation and learn more about Smalltalk language. Squeak users can also join community conversations to discuss common interests and pertinent issues.

Currently, Squeak has a number of uses. Some of the products that make use of Smalltalk programming features are:
• Etoys: script based tool for explorative and experimental learning science and math
• Scratch: a toolkit that children can use to create interactive art, as well as animated stories and games
• Pharo: mainly intended for development of web application
• Cuis: Squeak-derived environment that is characterized by power and simplicity

Its development environment is ideal for various uses as exemplified by the examples presented above.

Squeak has impressive multimedia capabilities, such as 3D and 2D graphics, powerful sound, excellent video quality, and animation. One of the features of Squeak concerns its framework, which can be customized to create websites that are interactive. The customizable framework can also be used to create HTTP servers that are dynamic.