Oracle Corporation (Shareware)

SQL*Plus Instant Client is a support application that comes with installing the Oracle Database. It is used as a query tool that supports Window Graphical User, the command-line UI, and web-based UI. The application does not require having its own Oracle database installation. The software can easily be installed in the system. The disk space for this application is smaller compared with complete Oracle Database Client. To successfully install the SQL*Plus client, users should download the package from Oracle’s main website. The installation requires plug-in programs which include SQL*Plus Client Package. The user should also install a support program, either Lightweight OCI or Basic OCI Instant Client. The user should take note that OCI packages and SQL*Plus should have the same type of database version. Lightweight Instant Client only supports limited characters and shows error messages. Basic Instant Client supports any Oracle NLS_LANG setting. Unlike Lightweight Client, Basic Instant Client supports all language settings and types of characters found in Oracle Database.

SQL*Plus enables users to access the Oracle Database. The software can also perform system commands, such as organizing the database system, developing and running batch scripts, providing calculations, examining table definitions, and formatting. The application also generates report in HTML format.