SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager

Osen Kusnadi (Freeware)

SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager is an application used in organizing and managing SQLite3 databases. As a database management system, SQLite is utilized in storing data from operating systems, embedded systems, and Internet browsers. It has a built-in programming language called Lua, and support for many other programming languages, including a viewer for accessing HEX files. This application has support for encrypted databases; its encryption method is compatible with those of other SQLite3 applications.

This database management program is able to import data from the Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Access, dbase III, and MySQL applications. After organizing the data, users can save the files. The program also allows users to export records into formats other than SQLite file types. SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager can export datasets into SML, CSV, HTML, and EXCEL for viewing in other platforms and applications that may not provide viewing and access of SQLite file formats.

In addition to these features, SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager can also do the following:

• Compress and decompress .sqlite3 files
• Manage Unicode files
• Save databases to SQL, or Structured Query Language format that is written using ASCII
• Integrate user-contributed extensions and functions such as variance, median, degrees, and replicate
• Highlight syntaxes in programming codes