SQLComparisonSDK 10.0

Red Gate Software Ltd. (Shareware)

SQLComparisonSDK is an application that is designed to automate the process of comparing and synchronizing tasks. It is also capable of migrating and deploying schema and changes in data sets as well as scheduling database synchronization and comparison tasks. Simplified, this application can be used to design a repeatable process that may be executed whenever there is a need to update the database of a company or an organization. SQLComparisonSDK is developed by Red Gate Software Ltd.

With this application, users can create a program that performs the needed tasks on SQL databases. The installation, verification and replication processes maybe automated as well. Many companies currently employ this utility in order to streamline their own data migration processes.

This program offers users with much better control in comparing and synchronizing data from within applications and databases schemas compared to command line interfaces. SQLComparisonSDK automates the abovementioned procedures with the use of Columnstore Indexes, File Tables, and Sequence object type. Users are also granted access to the APIs that are available, which facilitates the automation.

This program by Red Gate Software Ltd. gives users the opportunity to distribute as many as 10 copies. All 10 are covered by the license provided. If more than 10 distributions are to be made, each distribution will incur a separate charge.