SpywareNuker XT 3.04.34

Trek Blue, Inc (Shareware)

Spyware Nuker XT is a security program that allows users to get rid of threats that may be present in the computer. It has a simple user interface that consists of five tabs – Start, Results, Alerts, Exclude, and Restore. Users can choose the location in the computer to scan. The application is capable of doing two types of scan – Quick Scan and Deep Scan. In Quick Scan, the system looks for common threats that may be present in the system. After scanning the computer, the application displays a list of all the threats found and users can choose to automatically delete them.

One of the main features of this program is Active Protection. This feature monitors each program launched in the computer and checks if they are threats. This enables the user to stop the program from running, as the application gives a pop up message whenever a threat is seen. Furthermore, the program comes with a StartUp Manager that enables users to have complete control over all the applications that launch during computer startup. Key features of the application include the following:

• Comes with technical support request form to help users get rid of threats
• Capable of identifying new types of threats that may enter the system
• Users can restore the computer to a working point