SpywareBlaster 5.2

BrightFort (Freeware)

SpywareBlaster is a killbit application. It prevents ActiveX threats from being installed in the computer. The program monitors ActiveX components and instructs it to prevent launching certain pieces of ActiveX software that are known to be threats. It also blocks spying and tracking through cookies. The multi-angle protection tools restrict illicit websites from performing actions on the computer. The program is not capable of removing threats. It only detects and prevents threats from entering the system. It works hand-in-hand with other security programs in order to keep threats at bay.

The SpywareBlaster application does not interfere with the user’s activities. It runs in the background and does not slow down web browsing. The program’s window is separated in four parts – Protection Status, System Snapshot, Tools, and Updates. Users can see the details of the computer on the Protection Status tab. The application works by blacklisting the GUID (globally unique identifier) of identified malware applications. It passively runs in the background and there is no trace process in Task Manager.

This program supports several web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Seamonkey, Pale Moon, Netscape, and many more. Users must make sure that the program is updated at least once a week to ensure computer security.