SpyNoMore 2.98

Illysoft LLC (Freeware)

Illysoft LLC has created the SpyNoMore™ software as an anti-spyware product that can purge computers of malicious software, otherwise known as malware, which can gain access to sensitive information on computers. Examples of malware are spyware, key loggers, and trojans. Now that advanced spyware and hacking activity through the Internet poses a high risk for computer users and comes in various forms, SpyNoMore™ provides early prevention, detection, and removal to ensure users’ cyber-security while restoring the optimal system performance of computers that would have been bogged down by malware.

One of the key features of this anti-spyware program is that it removes malware 100% due to its huge anti-spyware database. Another feature is that it actively protects and prevents future infection from new spyware. It also blocks websites that are identified as malicious; protects computers against inbound threats; offers an accessible Ticket-Based HelpDesk for questions and concerns; and has a Custom Fix™ system which removes stubborn spyware and allows users to send feedback to the technical staff of Illysoft to analyze their computer’s status and to update their database. Among all of these features, the Custom Fix™ is the only feature that can be found in this software as all other anti-spyware applications do not offer this feature.