Uniblue Software (Shareware)

SpyEraser is an effective and easy to use anti-spyware program that is capable of detecting threats, removing malware, and proving real time online protection of computer systems. These days, it is necessary for computer owners to utilize the most updated defense utilities since harmful programs evolve exponentially and new threat crop up every day.

The basic functions of SpyEraser include protection from personal information theft, protection from spying with an effective defense against various forms of spyware, and file scanning. It is a worthwhile tool to use in getting rid of potentially damaging popups and adware, downloaders, destructive backdoors, and exploits.

This program’s most advanced feature to date is Live Guard, which has the capability to differentiate between malware and innocent programs. This new feature prevents SpyEraser from terminating the components of Windows and other harmless programs, including itself.

This tool has received awards for its malware removal and system protection capabilities. The main features of SpyEraser are:

• Full quarantine
• Intelligent alert warning system
• Restore features
• Backup features

The powerful spyware recognition capabilities of SpyWare allow it to build a wall that keeps malicious programs and infective agents from the computer system that it protects. The user can choose whether virus database update from the Internet will be done manually or automatically.