Tenebril Inc. (Shareware)

SpyCatcher is a software application that aims to protect users who connect to the Internet with antispyware tools. The application is available as a commercial product as well as a free version called SpyCatcher Express. A version of SpyCatcher released in 2006 contains more features than SpyCatcher Express, which only has the most basic features needed by novice users. In addition to antispyware tools, the program also allows online users to see if the websites they visit contain dangerous cookies that are usually installed in computers without the user's knowledge.

With an interface designed for novice users, the program features advanced security tools that can be accessed from its main graphical user interface. Notable functionalities include integrated tools that detect and remove malware and spyware from the user's computer. It accomplishes this by scanning locations in the hard drive that are known as areas where malicious software are hidden. Because the design is aimed at beginners, information on threats found from a routine scan contains only basic information.

Once threats are found, the application gives the user several options on how to deal with the threat, which include putting the malicious file on quarantine or removing the file immediately. Aside from being available as a standalone commercial product, SpyCatcher also comes bundled with GhostSurf, a suite of Internet security tools developed by Tenebril.