SPSS Statistics

SPSS Inc (Proprietary)

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a statistical analysis software suite published by IBM Corporation. It was initially released on 1968. It is used for analyzing different types of data. It will then produce tabulated charts, reports, descriptive statistics and other complicated statistical analyses. The program can perform different types of statistics including Descriptive statistics (Descriptive Ratio, Frequencies, Cross Tabulation, etc…), Bivariate statistics (ANOVA, Means, Correlation, t-test, etc…), Prediction for Identifying Groups (Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, Discriminant, etc…) and Prediction for Numerical Outcomes (Linear Regression).

There are different windows types that users will encounter when using SPSS Statistics. There’s the Data Editor that shows the data file contents for creating new data files or configuring existing data. There’s also the Viewer window that displays the statistical tables, results and charts. This window will automatically open after running a statistical analysis. Another window is called the Pivot Table Editor, which is used for editing the output provided in the pivot tables. Other available windows include the Chart Editor (for modifying plots and charts), Text Output Editor (for editing text output not available in pivot tables) and Syntax Editor (for editing dialog boxes).

SPSS Statistics also displays a Status Bar that provides different information including Weight status, Filter status, Command status and Split File status. The program also provides several dialog boxes for each menu selections. These dialog boxes are used for selecting variables and analysis options. There are different types of variables and variable labels available in the program. This is used for identifying the data used in the program.