SPSS Inc. SigmaPlot for Windows

SPSS Inc. (Shareware)

SPSS Inc. SigmaPlot for Windows by SPSS Inc. is a comprehensive and versatile platform with wide usage in graphing and statistical analysis. It has powerful capabilities on the following areas: visualization activities, creation of graphs, and in-depth data analysis. The tool effectively completes the job no matter how simple or complex the required analysis. The program is a complete toolbox that may be integrated seamlessly with Windows Office.

The feature-rich utility can produce accurate graphs of the highest quality in a short time. SPSS Inc. SigmaPlot for Windows presents users with an intuitive interface that facilitates a streamlined and organized workflow. Ribbon controls are of the familiar Office-style and tabbed windows are readily available to the user. The integration with Windows allow for quick data access from Excel spreadsheets. Moreover, graphs produced by the program can easily be displayed in PowerPoint presentations.

SPSS Inc. SigmaPlot for Windows is a powerful tool that is capable of creating 2D and 3D graphs, supporting more than 100 different types. It supports more than 50 statistical tests. The program can also plot all types of mathematical functions. Aside from this versatility, SPSS also offers statisticians, teachers, students, researchers, and professionals the means to configure the littlest details. The following parameters may be customized, including color, line thickness, font, and axis breaks.