SprutCAM 8

Sprut Technology (Shareware)

SprutCAM is a computer-aided manufacturing program (mid-level) that has capabilities for a variety of machining and tooling tasks. The creators of this CNC programming utility intended for it to work with very specific system requirements. For instance, this program is designed to work perfectly with Microsoft Windows. SprutCAM is an affordable yet powerful 3D CAM program that facilitates simple to complex tool path design. It delivers programming capabilities for the following areas:

• Wire EDM
• 2.5D to 4&5 Axis simultaneous milling
• Lathe

A number of resources are also available to users of this powerful multi-axis tool path design tool. Beginners can download a trial version of the application. Training tutorials in video format may be accessed as well. These training videos allow users to fully see the capabilities of the application. Phone and e-mail support await users with inquiries and issues as well. A Standard Technical Support Program is provided for the duration of one year for users who purchase this utility for the first time.
SputCAM is capable of providing four-axis program support as well as tool path simulation at very advanced levels. The program consists of both simple and advanced tools that will be useful for professionals who are in the machining business.