Sprint-Layout 5.0 - Viewer 6.0

ABACOM (Shareware)

Sprint-Layout 5.0-Viewer is a free tool that is used to print and view Sprint-Layout files. These are the exclusive functions of this advanced program. These are the main motivations behind its development. This application is also used for ease and convenience in the design of PCBs. Aside from viewing and printing the relevant files, this is also a handy tool in producing professional level boards.

This utility has additional uses. Sprint-Layout 5.0-Viewer can amply perform PCB design functions. Sprint-Layout is also useful in exporting the layout to EXCELLON and GERBER formats. Another key features of Sprint Layout Viewer concerns isolation-milling with the creation of HPGL files. Sprint-Layout 5.0-Viewer users are given the opportunity to concentrate on optimizing and designing PCB layouts. The option to design custom layouts is available especially since there is an extensive library available. Sprint-Layout 5.0-Viewer is useful in manufacturing PCBs manually. The printout procedure is quite clear.

This application works without the Spring-Layout editor. This application is also free from the ballast which makes the overview easy to work with. This utility has a logical structure that makes it easy to learn and operate. Sprint-Layout 5.0-Viewer is included in the CD packet of Sprint-Layout or it can also be downloaded from the homepage.