Sprint-Layout 5.0

ABACOM (Shareware)

Sprint-Layout 5.0 is intended for the editing and design of circuit board layouts. With this utility, users can complete the whole process from the first to the last procedure. The first step toward drawing a PCB is defining board dimensions. The user has to specify the height and width of the board. Afterward, Sprint-Layout 5.0 users can add the necessary components.  This is a utility that features tools which are needed in creating different types of PCBs such as multilayer, double-sided, and single-sided.

There are more useful features that the user can take advantage of. Sprint-Layout 5.0 contains hotkeys which can be reassigned by the user. Sprint-Layout 5.0 is also intended for the creation of a wide variety of applications including SMD pad, zones, solder pads, tracks, and text-labels. Users may add components of their choosing to the already extensive library. This library contains predefined components and the user can drag and drop components of their choice to the layout. The components may also be labeled, moved, and rotated to any angle.

Sprint-Layout 5.0 has a clean user interface. The many different functions offered to the user are displayed on the main window. A photo view feature provides a preview of the PCB layout. The user can route the tracks with a built-in auto router.