Sprint Cars - Road to Knoxville

Big Ant Studios (Proprietary)

Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville is a sprint car racing video game developed by the company, Big Ant Studios. It features vehicles with lightweight bodies and high-powered engines that are driven around an oval-shaped dirt track at speeds as fast as 140 kilometers per hour. Accelerating the cars is quite easy, but the challenge lies in nailing each turn without spinning off track. The controls are quite touchy at the beginning of the game, but it gets easier as the player spends more time in the game. The main obstacle that the player must overcome in this game are the multiple left turns scattered all over the tracks.

The game offers two classes, namely the ¾ midget class and the modified class. In the former, the player drives vehicles that resemble go-karts, while in the latter, they drive more standard-looking cars with a closed wheel design. Players will have to go through either 20 or 30 laps at a time, regardless of class. The game also offers various modes, including a career mode, championship series, and one-off. In the career mode, the player gets to manage a customized racing team with an initial budget of $5,000, which is enough to purchase a car and hire a driver.