Sprill - The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle 1

Denda Publishers (Shareware)

Sprill - The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is a hidden object game developed and published by Alawar Entertainment. The main character called Sprill is a fox cub searching for treasures amongst the wreckage in the Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately, Sprill has been abducted by aliens, who are keeping him hostage until he finds a magical pearl that will save their planet. The player assumes the role of Sprill, who is sent by his kidnappers to various underwater locations to look for clues that will reveal secret of the pearl.

The first quest involves a sunken ship that contains a bevy of items concealed strategically in different areas. The inventory is shown on the side of the screen and every time an item is found, it is crossed out from the list. The player will be given more than ample time to search for all the objects, but if s/he gets stuck, the game’s hint system can help. The player can earn additional hints in succeeding levels if s/he is able to find question marks that are also hidden in the background. Occasionally, the player will be required to complete on a mechanical puzzle in order to advance to the next location. This game offers 35 levels as a wide variety of random objects to find.