Spotmau PowerSuite

Spotmau Corporation (Proprietary)

Spotmau PowerSuite is a repair and recovery program with various useful tools to help the user analyze, view, repair, and maintain the healthy status of the computer. The program checks the computer’s critical parts (registry, hard disk, anti-virus protection status, etc.) and provides a health index evaluation. It can recover lost or missing files, fix partition tables, master boot, registry, and others. The program’s TuneUp Kit cleans and repairs registry entries, fixes faulty startup items, cleans browsers and plugins, and optimizes speed, among others.  

The program’s backup and restore feature can recover partition table crashes and master boot in the event of computer crashes caused by problems in these areas. It secures the user’s privacy by clearing activity records, permanently shredding sensitive data, including locking up of programs to prevent use by others. For reinstallation of main operating program, data can be transferred to a removable media device or to an undamaged internal hard disk.

Spotmau Power Suite can recover files accidentally deleted or overwritten by disk formatting or re-installation of programs. It restores these and restores them to their original status. It works as a partition management tool for creating, deleting, and formatting partitions of hard disks.
The program can double up as a boot utility disk for the computer.