Spotmau BootSuite

Spotmau (Proprietary)

Spotmau BootSuite is a program that consists of more than 40 tools for optimizing the system and solving common computer problems. The application is especially useful for booting up a computer after it crashes. The application is divided into four sections:

• Windows Recovery – This section provides solutions for recovering the system after a crash caused by a virus or system failure.
• Data Recovery – This tool recovers data from removable hard drives or disk partitions even if the disk is corrupted or has been formatted.
• Disk Management – This section allows the user to manage the computer’s disk and the partitions.
• Password & Key Finder – This section allows the user to manage and change Windows passwords.

The main feature of the Spotmau BootSuite is the bootable recovery CD, which allows users to start up the computer again even without Windows. The tools built-in to the CD restores the partition so users can gain access to the corrupted drives and make the necessary repairs. Other features of the application are listed below:

• Boot up systems that are infected with viruses
• Repair corrupt registries and partition tables
• One-click system file recovery
• Backup up large volumes of data in minutes
• Clone an entire hard drive or a partition