SpookyMall 1.0

Alawar (Shareware)

Spooky Mall is a casual computer game in which the player is tasked to manage a store at night. In this game, Alice has to find a way to pay off her student loans. To do that, she accepted a job of working at the mall during the midnight shift.

Spooky Mall is a time management game where the player has to micromanage the tasks that must be done at the same time. As a mall worker, the player has to attend to the shoppers’ needs. The creepy shoppers in the game range from normal ghouls to VIPs and from historical figures to superheroes. There are one hundred levels in the game that must be completed. After a certain amount of cash has been earned, the player moves to the next level. In each level, the player is given a rating. This rating depends on the amount of cash earned and the number of unhappy customers against the happy ones.

The accumulated money can be used to upgrade the mall’s equipment. Keeping customers happy isn’t the only thing Alice needs to do—she also has to be on the lookout for spooky thieves! In each level, the shop changes in color and the items are rearranged, making the game more challenging.