Spooky Runes 1.0

Anawiki (Shareware)

Spooky Runes is a Halloween-themed match-3 puzzle game. Players must help Evelyne collect different types of runes that are spread on the game board. These runes are used for vanquishing the ghosts, cats, and ghouls. In the game, players are presented with a bunch of runes that are on the game board. These runes must be matched, so that they can be eliminated from the board. On the left side of the screen, there are five orbs. These orbs must be filled up in order to complete the level. An orb is filled up every time matches with the same symbol are made. The timer for the level is found just under the orbs, and the power-ups available are displayed on the screen as well. There are six power-ups available in the game that will help players move on to the next level.

Other features of the Spooky Runes match-3 game are the following:

• Players must complete 100 levels
• Eerie sound effects and music to match the Halloween theme
• Features Amulet of Spells to help beat game levels

Spooky Runes offers two game modes. The first game mode is timed and players must complete the level within the given time frame. In relaxed mode, players are free to complete levels without a time constraint.