Spooky Mall

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Spooky Mall is a Halloween-themed time management game that was first released on January 2012. In the game, players must help Alice gain enough money to pay off her student loan. In order to earn money, she gets a job at a midnight mall where ghosts and other ghouls go to shop.

In each level, there are food displays that are filled with various items. Players must make sure that each display does not run out of food. Customers start entering the store and purchasing items by getting them off the displays. There are also times when they ask Alice questions that must be answered. There are also more complex food items, such as sandwiches, that need to be prepared by Alice. VIPs that enter the store need to be served in time in order for players to get a reward. Money earned for each level can be used to purchase upgrades for the store. Some of the upgrades include larger food displays, employees to help Alice, and bigger shopping carts.

The game features 100 levels of gameplay that are spread throughout five different sections of the shopping mall including a butchery, a fish market, and a bakery. The game features only one game mode.