SpongeBob Typing 1.0

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

SpongeBob Typing is an underwater-themed educational game inspired by the animated television series SpongeBob Squarepants. The game allows kids of all ages to improve their typing skills with the different activities included in the game. Different types of activities are included in the game and users can learn through the step-by-step instructions provided. Additionally, there are different sections in the game that allow users to learn various facts about marine life. The five sections are: The Sponge Files, Who’s Who, Sea Poems, Sea Facts, and Salty Sea Tales.

There are games wherein the player gets to race by typing in the words that are flashed on the screen. When these games are played, the game screen will display the player’s WPM (words per minute), as well as the time remaining for the level.

SpongeBob Typing has three modes of play – Beginner Typist, Sailorific, and Holy Mackerel. These allow players to choose activities based on their typing level. Some of the games that can be played in this typing game include Doh Ray Me, Snail’s Pace Race, and The Glove World 500. Another feature of the game is progress tracking. With this, users are able to monitor their progress and advance to more difficult levels.