SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff 1.0

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff is a video game based on the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon series. The game was released in 2009. In the game, players must collect cards and build the perfect deck in order to defeat enemies. Cards can either be bought or won. SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff is a turn-based strategy game wherein the player faces off against enemies in a game map. Players must win in each level before moving on to a different game map. SpongeBob must beat Plankton’s troops and save the underwater world from being ruled by Plankton. The game features over 80 different cards that the player can collect and 50 different types of gameboards.  

Each gameboard offers different scenarios, characters, and obstacles. SpongeBob’s life meter is shown on the upper left side of the window, while the enemy’s life meter is shown on the right. SpongeBob’s movement on the gameboard depends on the card played. Some of the cards include run, jog, walk, and different kinds of attack moves.

Other features of the SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff game are the following:

• different enemies to encounter
• various locations in Bikini Bottom to visit
• backup characters to help SpongeBob (Patrick, Mermaidman, and Mr. Krabs)