Splunk Inc. (Shareware)

Splunk is a program that comes with a comprehensive set of features that enables users to gather and index machine data from any location and in any format. It is used in collecting operational information from different types of machines and other industrial practices. With this program, managers will be able to monitor and analyze their organization’s performance, machine behavior, user transactions, and other activities.

This program lets users index and search their organizational data. The data can be collected and indexed from any source, even from remote locations. This application can index data in any format as well and make these available for network monitoring, business analytics, and troubleshooting. Users can make use of search commands to limit, widen, or define a search. The application comes with a search assistant that offers contextual help and predictive suggestions. The search results are interactive; users can zoom in and out in order to see anomalies and trends.

In addition to indexing and searching machine data, Splunk also enables users to do the following tasks:
• Monitor and receive alerts when an event is triggered
• Establish relationships between unrelated or complex events
• Build reports and analyze data through visualizations, charts, graphs, and pivot tables
• Create custom dashboards and views of real-time data
• Increase program functionality by adding apps downloaded from the Splunk website